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Aurora’s Marketing & Advertising Conference-Theme 'The New Value Seekers’

Aurora in collaboration with Pakistan advertising society organized its first marketing & advertising conference. Theme of the conference is The New Value Seekers’ and it was held at Pearl Continental hotel on Saturday March 20, 2010.

Hameed Haroon, CEO, Dawn Media Group in his welcome address asked the new value seekers to look at the old value seekers. He was of the view that change in the advertising sector is not about to happen soon. In his address, he also mentioned that Anwar Ramal, F.H. Phuntukey and Mr. Naseem Haider are the torch bearer of ethical advertising. He also mentioned that Dawn group always tried to be ethical by not bringing its issues with government on the front pages of Dawn newspaper. Also the tariff of Dawn newspaper is same for every advertiser.

Aly Mustansir, Chairman, Pakistan Advertising Association gave an overview of Pakistan advertising Society and highlight the aims and objectives for which this society was formed.

Jamal Mir, Ad, Hoc Vice Chairman Advertising Association of Pakistan also gave a presentation titled Adding Value to the Ad Agency experience.

Abrar Hasan,CEO National Foods Limited gave a presentation on Value Driven Strategies to Meet Consumer Expectations. He was of the view that new economic realities have caused people to reassess what they value. Internet & Media now day’s tools of advancing change. Consumers are moving outside the purchasing funnel- Changing the way they research and buy a certain product. He also emphasis on winning the in store battle and said that packaging & merchandizing are vital for it.

Farhan Hassan, COO, UG Food Company in his presentation focus on how companies are adapting themselves according to the needs of consumers living in a particular example. His presentation evolves around low income persons. He was of the views that if 2/3 of world’s population makes less then US$1000 per annum, why try to sell them goods & services originally designed for consumers who earns 20 times as much. He also gave example of microfinance banks operating in UK. At the moment 20 microfinance banks are operating in UK and some of these banks are only giving loans to persons aged 50 years or above and running a small organization of maximum 5 workers.

In his address, he also explains about how Ulkers started as a small company and now it has 38 factories in Turkey & 12 factories around the world. Ulkers produce more biscuits then the whole biscuit industry of Pakistan. About Ulkers’ entry in Pakistan’s market, he told that we choose cakes because it is less competitive market but in coming months, we will also enter in other segments of confectionary in Pakistan.

Julian Saunders,Manageing Partner, The joined UP Company emphasis on quality utilization of time. He said that Respecting Time is also a sales strategy.

Karim Ramal, President, Unicorn Consulting spoke on Meet The Digital Native. He said that one needs to harness the new collaboration & communications methods to remain current & relevant.

Irfan Mustafa VP &MD, Yum Restaurants conducted an interactive session titles Yeh Tera Pakistan Hai, Yeh Mera Pakistan Hai.

During his presentation, he highlighted that business environment is not that bleak in the country as portrayed by media and by most of us. None of the big multinational wind up their business but on the contrary profits of Unilever, P&G, KFC, Pizza hut, TetraPak, Engro, Nestle and other companies go up. He also informed that per capita beverage consumption in India is 12-14ml where as in Pakistan this consumption in 50-55ml.
Comparing Pakistan and India as 2 brands, he was of the view that Pakistan is a great product but a lousy brand on the contrary India is a decent product but a great brand.

He said that Pakistan is the beacon of light for the Muslim world.

In his concluding remark, he gave three advices for the people of Pakistan

1) Think Positive, 2) Follow Rule 3) Stop bashing Pakistan.

Over all a good conference for the marketing & advertising professionals and hope some organization take initiative and organize some thing like this for the professionals attached with Public Relations sector.

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