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PTI And Marvi Memon-A Relation which never Materialize

At the time when PML (Q) joins hands with the PPP’s current government, Marvi Memon took a stand along with some other MNAs & MPAs of her party and decide not to join the government. She went a step ahead and tendered her resignation from the National assembly. These steps taken by her, enhanced her image among the eyes of publics and it was felt that from now on she will take revolutionary steps in her politics and will do all her politics for the people of the country.
Change is the buzz word and it’s a mantra a lot of our political parties are trying to put forward to lure the public towards them. Imran Khan’s PTI was probably the first party in the current month to put forward itself a party who is willing to bring a real change in life’s of our countryman and now some other parties specially PML (N) are also trying to act as change leaders. PML (N) also claimed that they already brought change in people’s life by carrying out atomic blasts in 1998 although I am of the view that blast did not bring any change in life of common man.
Coming back to my topic, a lot of political analysts & critics were of the view that Marvi Memon will join PTI after she let her parent party but due to her differences with PTI’s leadership she did not join them. Couple of months ago when she did a jalsa is Sindh along with region’s well known journalist Qazi Asad Abid, it was thought that she along with some personnel from Sindh launch a new political party but that did not happen. Couple of weeks ago Marvi surprised her critics and supporters by announcing her decision of joining PML (N).As an analyst, I was really disappointed with Marvi’s decision to join PML (N) as I am of the view that even PML (N) like PPP is not serious to solve people’s problems and even after there more than four years of rule in Punjab they did not fulfill their promises. An example which I can quote is PML (N)’s promise to convert Punjab’s Chief Minister house into a university after coming into power but so far according to my information no step taken into this matter. Going further, I want to say that me and may be a lot of others are against PML (N)’s policies and are not in agreement with  Marvi’s decision of  joining the current  rulers of Punjab but no one is authorized to malign Marvi on the basis of her decision. Difference of opinion among segments of society exists but sadly we as a society are not willing to accept difference of opinion.
PTTI is constantly showing it’s disgruntle from the day Marvi join PML (N) and are not leaving any opportunity to criticize her. Recent example of PTI’s frustration is a program of a private channel in which Marvi to appear as a guest. Even before the show went on air, I start receiving from PTI’s supporters and even received message from PTI’s official message center 80022 to watch this program. After the show also I received some messages that anchor was on top of Marvi and made her speechless. I am of the view that PTI should move forward now, come out of the frustration they felt on Marvi’s joining of PML (N). PTI should realize this factor that any of the current politician if change his/her loyalty is free to join any party and not all the disloyal join PTI.
PTI’s reaction on Marvi’s decision is an indication that sadly PTI is also acting like our established political parties who did not tolerate difference of opinion or are not willing to give respect to other person’s suggestions & decisions.
PTI is portrayed as a party who is capable of bringing real change in the country. People of the country are also fed up with the existing lot of politicians and may be this time they give vote to relatively new candidates or to those who are supported by newer political parties. In this situation PTI should take careful steps as among the all the untried political parties, there graph is much high and they may give tough fight to seasoned political parties.
I am also an anonymous supporter of PTI but I am not in agreement of party’s policy of intolerance. If PTI is really looking to bring change in the country, they must run a serious campaign via social media & other relevant methods to infuse and also enhance the level of tolerance of its supporters and workers. Already some columnist & anchors complained of lousy language used by party’s supporters if PTI is criticized.
My humble advice to PTI is to let’s move ahead forget Marvi Memon and others who not joined your party and focus on your agenda of bringing real change in the country. A large number of country’s population is hoping that if PTI got an opportunity to lead country, they may rid the country of the menace of corruption, price hike, lawlessness and other related problems and provide relief to the people and spread smile on the faces of common man.
PTI look at the bigger canvas, do not indulge in patty matters on who is joining you & who is not and prepare a through road map well in advance to solve country’s existing problems.

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