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Cleansing Process in MQM

MQM Chief Altaf Hussain yesterday through his statement announced to start a process of refinement in his party.he said there was a complete ban in the party on collection of donation and any office-bearer or worker found collecting donation from anyone would lose the party’s basic membership.
He said the MQM would not tolerate ‘China cutting’, illegal occupation of public and private land, houses, flats and shops and there was no room in the party for people indulging in such activities.Today in an unprecedented move party chief suspended Rabta committe and appointed a 12 member adhoc committee to oversee party matters till the time new Rabta committee appointed 
General party workers have many complains against Rabta committee as it was assumed that Rabta committee hijacked party. This is good move by MQM Chief to restructure party in Karachi &and London. MQM in past also took similar steps but failed to break Stranglehold which some senior member have on party. I hope this time all steps taken freely without  pressure from any force with in & outside party to make MQM a vibrant party which it used to be a decade ago. To maintain political balance in Karachi, role of MQM is crucial. I wish good luck to MQM in coming days   

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