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'Malka -E- Kohsar becomes 6th destination of Cinepax cinema

Cinepax, Pakistan’s favorite cinema chain, today announced the opening of 9th cinema in Pakistan, and the first one in Murree also known as Malk-E-Kohsar (Queen of Mountains) 

This is the first cinema of this popular tourists destination of country and will serve as an additional mode of entertainment for future visitors

Cinepax Murree, has a single screen with a capacity of 300, and promises to offer the visitors signature Cinepax experience comprising impeccable customer service blended with digital movie screening

Inside view of Cinepax Murree

Hashim Raza, CEO Cinepax shares his feelings about the addititon of this new cinema,  “Very excited to open Cinepax, a name that is synonymous to quality family entertainment all over Pakistan. In Murree it will not only entertain Murree & surrounding area residents but will also delight tourists vacationing with families.

Exterior View of Cinepax Murree

Millions of people from all walks of life and from all over Pakistan visit Murree, and with the Cinepax Murree their travel experience can now include watching the latest Pakistani and international releases, in addition to the city’s various tourist attractions.

Cinepax in September opened it doors to its seconds cinema in Lahore with a 300 seat multiplex. Cinepax Lakecity and in the next 12 months plans to open five more cinemas across Pakistan.

Cinepax is Pakistan’s biggest cinema chain which is currently running nine cinemas with 21 screens in six cities across Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Faisalabad and Murree, having total of 4,302 seats nationwide.

Cinepax offers the best quality in cinemas to Pakistanis with friendly and family oriented ambiance. 

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