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Resham goes digital

Film star Resham has started using Facebook and Twitter recently. Since she welcomed her fandom through a video message shared on her social media profiles earlier today, she has gained the attention of a lot of her fans. 

Resham started working in movies in early 1990s. At that time Pakistani cinema was not performing well. There were very few good movies being made. Despite the fact, Resham was able to perform well in many of the roles that were offered to her. Resham has also worked  in TV industry. 

Resham's new film "Swaarangi" is all set to release on 11th September 2015 in Punjab

We welcome Resham to the world of social media whole heartedly. Also, we welcome all of you to share the news on your websites. For any interaction/pictures/interviews with the star, you can always drop us a line. 

ContentCreatorZ Pakistan is representing the star actress on digital media. Please direct all your queries for Resham regarding digital PR to them. 

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