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Sikandar ka Mandar’s latest single ‘Baaghi’ launched

The band hosted a public performance and music video screening of the same at T2F in Karachi on Saturday 29th August to launch ‘Baaghi’. As the name suggests, the song is about being a rebel. The video is a hypothetical account of what would happen if there was a UFO invasion in Karachi. The video is set in the 1950s and is reminiscent of the era’s horror movies. The video is directed by Nadir Shahzad and stars the band, Mariam Saleem Nawaz and Usman Mukhtar. 

Watch the video on Facebook. The single is available for listening on Patari  as well.

The band is comprised of the following members
Ali Suhail: A multi-instrumentalist and a producer, Ali is the lead guitar player for Sikandar Ka Mandar and also provides backing vocals, having previously played for Jumbo Jutt.

Rahail Siddiqui: One of Karachi’s must prolific bass players, having played for Mizraab, ADP, Zoe Viccaji and Qayaas. He is now the bass player from Sikandar Ka Mandar. 

 Raheel Manzar Paul: Previously a percussion player for Coke Studio on several seasons and the band Kaavish. He currently plays drums for Sikandar Ka Mandar. 

 Nadir Shahzad: Nadir started Sikandar Ka Mandar in 2011 as the lead vocalist. He writes and composes the music for the band and occasionally plays different instruments like the harmonium, the ukulele and synth.

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