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Coca-Cola Mobile Book Bank celebrates International Literacy Day

Each year UNESCO marks International Literacy Day on September 08 to highlight the importance of literacy for individuals, communities and societies. On this Day, UNESCO reminds the international community of the status of literacy and adult learning globally. The theme of the International Literacy Day 2015 is “Literacy and Sustainable Societies”. Celebrations around this theme will take place around the world.

This year, to celebrate International Literacy Day , Coca-Cola Pakistan organized a creative activity books collection activity no longer needed by citizens,for donation to educational institutions.The purpose of this activity is to inculcate book reading culture in society which may help to increase the overall literacy rate of Pakistan.

                                             Citizens Donating Bank at Mobile Book Bank

Recently collected data about Pakistan's literacy rate shows that literacy remains higher in urban areas (74 percent) than in rural areas (49 percent), and is more prevalent for men (81.0 percent) compared to women (66.0 percent) in urban areas. Province wise data suggests that Punjab leads with 61 percent followed by Sindh with 56 percent, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 53 percent and Balochistan with 43 percent.The literacy rate of the population (10 years and above) is 58 percent as compared to 60 percent in 2012-13 showing a decline of 2.0 percent according to Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) Survey 2013-14

According to Pakistan Education for All (EFA) review report 2015,there is a large stock of 6.7 million out of school children; of which 55 percent are girls which for years have posed a major obstacle in achieving EFA targets 

For collection of book,a Coca-Cola truck was converted into a Mobile Book Bank, which traveled the whole day to different points in the city, where citizens were able to donate their old textbooks and other books, in return for chilled complimentary Coca-Cola.

The activity was undertaken in association with TCF, leading higher education institution SZABIST and the Karachi Press Club. To generate greater public participation in this noble cause, several leading social media activists also gave strong support by vigorously promoting the activity on different social media platforms. 

                                                  Students bringing books for donation 

The #CokeBankABook activity was first launched earlier this year at the Karachi Literature Festival 2015, where the attending public had the chance to donate their old books to the Book Bank set up at the KLF. More than 2000 books were collected through this initiative. Books that could not be used by TCF students were disposed of in the market and the sum of Rs. 50,000 raised through the sale proceeds was also donated to TCF.

                                             Chilled Coca-Cola is offered to a book donor

This is an appreciable initiative of Coca-Cola Pakistan and in future we need more organizations from corporate world to come forward and play their role in eradication of illiteracy from country 

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