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Alamgir Khan’s Fix It Campaign went a step further with Fixit App

Alamgir Khan caught headlines recently with his “Fix it” campaign. His objective was to draw attention to the apathy of the official machinery when it came to their basic responsibilities to the city. Now, the social media campaigner and civil activist who started the #FixIt movement to solve Karachi’s unnoticed issues has released an app for others who want to assist him in his campaign. Backgrounder on Alamgir Khan’s Journey The activist became a news headline after his campaign went viral on the social media. He drew CM Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah’s face near open manholes and uploaded the photos to different social networks. The idea was to highlight problems by getting the required authority’s attention. His campaign looks to solve the common man’s unnoticed problems. Not too long ago, a case was registered against Alamgir and he was accused for hitting someone with his car. Despite the provincial government’s propaganda, the guy has been hard at work with his campaign. His work forced the Chief Minister’s hand as he asked Karachi’s administrator to cover up all manholes in Karachi within 48 hours.

Alamgir himself took initiative with some concerned citizens to do something about the issue. He asked citizens of Karachi for help via social media. Working with several supporters, he successfully covered up 42 manholes in 6 hours. He claims it cost the campaigners just Rs. 13,000 to cover up this many manholes and that this the beginning of #Fixit #karachi campaign. #Fixit Goes Mobile
In the next phase of the Fix It campaign, a Fixit app has been released. The app expands the campaign even further and activists can share their campaigns on social networks using the app. The campaigns are no longer limited to manholes and anything from taking care of homeless children to garbage disposal will do. Its the natural and literal evolution of the #FixIt campaign. The app works in a simple manner. The user has to open the app, mark their location on the map and take a picture of the problem they are facing. That’s it and they can share their complaints via social media using Facebook, Twitter or any other network. The app (currently rated at 4.9 stars) can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here. At the moment, there isn’t an iOS version of the app. With this app, the Fixit campaigners hope to get even more people on their side. Alamgir says his way of protest does not cause problems. He says his silent protest is a platform for others to have their say and get our country fixed or take the initiative into our own hands. The usual kind of protests include road blocks and tyre burning, causing problems for fellow citizens, something that’s counterproductive for all stakeholders involved. It is hoped that the #FixIt campaign heralds a civil and more results-based approach to protests and problem-solving by the citizenry in the city’s largest metropolis. You can follow Alamgir Khan’s Facebook activities here. This story originally appeared on ProPakistani on January 12,2016

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