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Cinepax Cinemas Website Launch

With recent successful campaigns, such as Spectacular Holidays and a trip to Prague. Cinepax ups the ante and takes it to a whole new level with the launch of their new and improved website, www.cinepax.com, giving online purchase a whole new meaning for movie watchers across Pakistan.

Initially Cinepax Cinemas created a website where the customers couldjust see show timesbut now, the website not only allows the customer to purchase tickets online but also gives them the option to select their own seats,subject to availability.

Hashim Raza, CEO, Cinepax Cinemas commented on the new facility. “Our team is consistently working on bringing international standards into Pakistan – and the launch of our new website offers our customers theinnovative facility of online ticket purchase, without the hassle of having to make telephone calls or special trips to the cinema to just buy tickets. This is a first for cinegoers in Pakistan, and we are extremely glad to be able to offer this convenience to our customers.”

Sponsorship contract between Cinepax and MasterCard was signed recently at Ocean Mall Karachi.

About Cinepax 

Cinepax is Pakistan’s biggest cinema chain which is currently running nine cinemas with 21 screens in six cities across Pakistan. With a total of 4,302 seats nationwide Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala and Murree, Cinepax offers the best quality in cinemas to Pakistanis with friendly and family oriented ambience. 

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