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Lay’s Pakistan brings together the legends: Akram & Messi & a new exciting flavor

Lays Pakistan is back in action once again but this time, it’s not alone. Instead of one star celebrity endorsement, they have brought together two legends from both Cricket and Football world. Yes, you read that right! A lot of curiosity was generated on their social media platforms and some guessing games were on as to who will be the next faces. These are none other than,#AkramAndMessi.
Lays Pakistan took the entire social media by storm. Everybody just talked about the fantastic duo, the #LaysLegends!
All this excitement can be seen in a few tweets from the day TVC went on air. One thing some of the tweeps (along with me) noticed was that it was a good coincidence for the TVC reveal. The timings could not be any better. Just when Messi won yet another #BallondOr, the TVC was out.
This story originally appeared on BLOGLOVIN on January 14th, 2015 

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