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Spending life without Cellular Phones is beyond imagination

Karachi, Mass communication department of Karachi University conducted about the importance of cellular phones in the life of individuals.

While answering the question posed in the survey, 99% of the respondents were of the view that they cannot think of spending life without cellular phone. They said that use of cellular phones in daily life spend to a great extent.

Respondents aged between 18 years to 30 years were part of this survey. 40% respondents were of the view that expensive cellular phone have favorable impact on personality. 94% of the respondents were against the usage of cellular phone by children.
On a question about the impact of cellular phone on the life of an individual, 63% said those cellular phones help us in talking with our relatives conveniently and 37% said that social contact between people is shrinking due to cellular phones.

Respondents gave different answers to a question about the importance of cellular phones in their life. Majority of the respondents believed that cellular phone is now an integral part of their life, we become addicted to it and on occasion it also impact our lives negatively. Respondents also said that we can live without food, water & electricity but it is difficult to live without cellular phones.          

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