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Ali Saleem is back on screen with “The Late Late Show”

Renowned TV host, Ali Saleem is back on the screens with “The Late Late Show” on Dawn News TV.

The first episode went on air on 26th March 2016. The guests of 1st episode were the team behind the blockbuster film Jawani Phir Nahin Aani & TV serial Dillagi – Director Nadeem Baig with Humayun Saeed and Mahvish Hayat.

Ali Saleem hosting first episode of "The Late Late Show”

"The Late Late Show” will be a lighthearted, positive, funny and at times, a controversial show.” remarked Ali Saleem. “People should tune in to the “Late Late Show”every weekend so that they can forget the violence and trauma that dominates the news channels daily. It aims a new trend by getting people to talk and eventually be an entertainment venture, in short, it is, “celebrating your spirit.””
This show would portray the lighter side of life and encourage people not to take themselves too seriously. 

Ali,Nadeem,Mehwish, Humayun in first episode of  'The Late Late Show'

The Late Late Show aims to convince the audience to refrain from climbing on to the negativity bandwagon and stop being judgmental as is often observed on our social media platforms and television offerings.

Mehvish and Humayun were the guests in the first episode of  "The Late Late Show”

This show will be an opportunity for Ali Saleem to move away from his established identity of Begum Nawazish Ali and develop his own identity as a witty, clever and theatrical host who is always striving to be as authentic as possible.

The Late Late Show with Ali Saleem will be an entertaining show with its very own live musical band, comedy bits, and games. It will definitely be worth watching! The second episode of the show is with Meera, Saud and Sana on Sunday 27th March 2016.

The #TheLateLateShowAliSaleem will be telecast every weekend at 11:05 pm on #DawnNews.

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