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Chaiwala Celebrates International Women’s Day

Chaiwala, the representation of Pakistan’s love for Chai and the pioneer of the modern day dhaaba, is set to celebrate Women’s Day today, 8th March. Promoting women empowerment, Chaiwala provides a safe and secure space for women to sit down and relax with a cup of their favourite chai and paratha any day of the year. But today, if you are a woman, you will be entitled to a cup of doodh patti on the house, all day!

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating women and their resilience as well as achievement in all walks of life and should be celebrated every day. All over the world, this day is observed by wearing purple ribbons.

Aized Suharwardy, CEO and Co-Founder of Chaiwala, says “Often in our privilege as men, we tend to forget the sacrifices that the strong women in our lives have made for us. We can never repay what women contribute to the society except by giving them the respect and love they deserve. As a symbol of our appreciation here at Chaiwala, we have decided to mark this Women’s Day by doing what we do best; serve them a hot, delicious cup of chai.”

So if you’re a strong-headed lady who wants to enjoy a complimentary cup of chai, Chaiwala would like to welcome you tomorrow for a doodhpatti on the house. 

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