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Janaan to promote positive side of Pashtun culture

Reham Khan’s production debut ‘Janaan’ is all set for release on 13th September 2016.

Janaanis a story of a Pakhtun girl who returns from Britain after her education. The
story comically defies the stereotypes about Pashtun families
”, says Hareem Farooq,
the co-producer of the movie.

The teaser of Janaan was released on Friday 18th March.

Reham Khan’s debut film Janaan is co produced by Hareem Farooq, Munir Hussain
and Imran Kazmi

‘Jaanan’ is a romantic comedy that revolves around Pathans. Written by  Osman Khalid Butt and directed by Azfar Jafri, the film stars the elegant Armena Rana Khan along with Bilal Ashraf, and Ali Rehman Khan in lead role

Shot in the picturesque locations of Swat and Northern areas of Pakistan the film will show the beautiful and unique culture of the Pakhtuns. Janaan will showcase the Pathans in a different light aiming to break the stereotypical image attached to them
Talking about her first production Rehman Khan said she is excited because this film is very close to her heart. Janaan is based on her beloved homeland and brings out the city’s rich culture and values.

Founder and President of ARY Network Salman Iqbal also said that the film will illustrate the positive side of Pashtun culture to the world.
The poster released earlier this month with an inviting one-liner, “You are cordially invited… to celebration of life”! Armeena, Bilal and Ali look full of life and in total sync with the invitation.

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