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Pizza Hut's ‘All you can eat Ramzan deal' attracts foodies By : Khurram Zia Khan

Ramzan is a month in which the consumption of food items increases. It is sometimes difficult for women of the household to cook food regularly and in this scenario the number of people buying readymade items for Iftar or going out to a restaurant for Iftar increases a lot.

Iftar is a religious obligation for those who are fasting and people add to the pleasure by planning to go out for Iftar in the form of groups of friends or with their families.

For iftar, people choose restaurants that serve their favorite food with the added benefit of a good ambiance which altogether is offered in a reasonable price.

Pizza Hut ‘All You Can Eat Deal’ perfectly fills this criteria.

In normal days, eating Pizza at Pizza Hut costs a family around Rs.1, 200 per person and if the family is a typical Pakistani family that prefers to eat mightily then this budget can go as high as Rs. 1,500 per person but the ‘All You Can Eat’ Ramzan deal of Pizza Hut is well crafted and is perfectly compatible with the spirit of Ramzan, which is to give.

In Pizza Hut’s ‘All You Can Eat Deal’ this year, a consumer can enjoy high quality of Pizza prepared in hygienic environment and by using high quality ingredients in only Rs.849 plus tax. This deal in today’s scenario is a well thought out effort of Pizza Hut to lure more customers and to give them an opportunity to enjoy a scrumptious meal for a low price.

Pizza Hut launched its operation in Pakistan in 1994 and given the goodwill of a global outlet such as this, got public attention immediately.

In those days, the options available were limited so people who wanted to eat Pizza, thronged in large numbers to Pizza Hut’s Clifton outlet to enjoy the mouth watering pizza.

Considering the rising popularity of Pizza Hut, the company spread it wings to different parts of various cities and opened many outlets in different parts of Karachi as well to provide convenience to Pizza lovers of the city.

Pizza in some societies falls in the category of Junk food but in Pakistan no such negative taboo is attached to it and it is the favorite food for people of all ages.

Pizza Hut, considering the psyche of people launched its ‘All You Can Eat’ deal for the first time in 1998 and it was introduced at Rs. 290 plus tax per person.

In the late nineties, the trend of dinning out in the month of Ramzan was not very common. Most outlets utilized the month of Ramzan either to do their annual renovation work or contend themselves with average business and bear loss in this month.

Pizza Hut, instead of acting like a normal business venture brought a revolutionary deal for its customers and reaped rich rewards for its business and established the tradition of having Iftar outside the cozy home environment.

In those days Pizza Hut Clifton branch got a great number of customers that all seats in restaurant used to be filled well before Iftar and large queues could be seen outside the outlet at Iftar time.
I also take advantage of Pizza Hut Ramzan’s deal in that era and find it a perfect deal to match my taste buds in low price.

Many local and international food outlets these days are offering one burger or one pizza in a price range of Rs. 500 to Rs. 800 but at Pizza Hut a person can eat as much Pizza as he can along with free refills and lot of salad in only Rs. 849 plus tax. This deal by Pizza Hut is valid for dine in only.

Pizza Hut is bringing out its ‘All You Can Eat Deal ‘every year for the last 18 years and in all these years, the popularity of this deal increased a lot and is still the best Ramzan deal to be offered in Pakistan.

For the convenience of its customers during Sehr and Iftar, Pizza Hut is offering many more deals including the Sehri deals and weekday deals but the company’s ‘All You Can Eat’ deal is way above all its offerings.

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