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Pizza Hut transforms Eidi By Rabia Khurram

Eidi is a generations old tradition and now become an integral part of Eid ul Fitr celebrations.

Eidi is an amount which elders give to the younger members of the family to spread smile on their faces and make their Eid festivity more joyful.

Irrespective of their age, ever person enjoy receiving Eidi from their elders. Along with children, it is son in Law (Damad) who is more cared while giving Eidi. All families want to keep their son in laws happy and they try their best to give him handsome amount as Eidi.

Eidi is mostly given in cash. Eid ul Fitr is one occasion where children of all ages have cash in their pocket and they display this amount gleefully to their friends and family members.

Asking money from relatives considered as bad manners but on Eid day children get relaxation from their parents to ask for Eidi from their uncles and aunties.

Eidi is given in cash and most children spend their Eidi on buying junk food which is harmful for their health.

Pizza Hut Pakistan on this Eid Ul Fitr offers solution to prevent children from this unhealthy practice by introducing Gift cards which can be given as Eidi.

Pizza Hut gift cards are available in Rs. 500 denomination and come in unique Eid packaging making them a more attractive option over cash as Eidi.

These Eid gift cards are redeemable at all Pizza Hut outlets operating in Pakistan.

Children often have this complain that parents’ spend their Eidi and deprive them an opportunity for fun. Now with this gift card all children will have the comfort that they used their Eidi themselves.
Pizza Hut is a pioneer in bringing fusion in the Pizzas it serves to their customers and introduction of Eid gift card is another unique step which surely transforms the tradition of Eidi in Pakistan.

Give Gift Cards of worth Rs.500 this Eid to your loved ones as Eidi and share the happiness!

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