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‘Rhythm of Freedom’ depicts the joy people of Pakistan seeks in freedom By Khuuram Zia Khan

Peek Freans Sooper, celebrates  the occasion of Independence Day with the launch of ‘Sooper Hai Azadi campaign. Theme of this campaign is ‘Rhythm of Freedom’  that depicts how the people of Pakistan seek joy in the freedom they have been blessed with. The campaign is a combination of different sounds that people of Pakistan produce in their daily lives. It aims to acknowledge all the individuals who contribute to the country and are constantly making an effort to make a difference. 

Participants standing in honor of National Anthem at the start of ceremony

Based on the theme of ‘Rhythm of Freedom’ , Adnan Bajwa, Brand Manager for Peek Freans Sooper explained the campaign in these words “In the  Sooper Hai Azadi  campaign, we have acknowledged the everyday sounds that people make, and we have combined them to produce an instrumental as a dedication to Pakistan’s workforce, who contribute to the development of this country with everything they do. At the same time, this campaign is also a reminder of the greatest thing this country has given us, which is Azadi. It is because of Azadi that we love what we do, because we have the freedom to choose for ourselves. We as Pakistanis seek happiness and joy from the work that we do and Azadi gives each of us something to contribute to, something to hold on to and something to fight for.”

Saadia Naveed, Deputy Managing Director of EBM explained what Corporate Social Responsibility meant for her organization. Saadia elaborated that giving back to the society is a philosophy of her father Mr Khawar Butt who is also the CEO & Managing Director of EBM. According to Ms. Naveed, her father believed that it is people who buy their products and help company earn and to acknowledge their consumers' contribution, EBM actively gets  involved in nation building activities.
Saadia Naveed, Deputy Managing Director of EBM
The campaign‘Rhythm of Freedom’  was also shown at the event. Based on the national song ‘Mein Bhi Pakistan Houn’, this campaign is an attempt to salute those unsung heroes who are quietly playing their role in the development of our country.

This song is appropriate as this national song shows culture of Pakistan from Khyber to Karachi.

A panel discussion also took place at this occasion in which panelist discussed about their lives and also explained the meaning of freedom in their wisdom.

Jibran Nasir a social worker highlighted that living in fear is no life. It is better to break the shackles of fear and live your own lives serving the people and society.

Jahangir Khan, Shahzad Roy,Jibran Nasir and Saba Gul

Jahangir Khan, the squash legend tells the audience about his fight with various diseases during childhood. Jahangir Khan at the age of 15 became the youngest world amateur champion.  Death of his elder brother in 1979 in squash court while playing in Australia shattered Jahangir who nearly quit squash but was persuaded by friends and family to continue playing squash for his late brother. Jahangir Khan was the king of squash in his heydays winning 5 world championships and 10 consecutive British open crowns. Jahangir won 555 consecutive matches. A record, no other sportsman can match.
On the sidelines of this event, while talking to this author, Jahangir sadly revealed that our current plight in Squash is because of the fact that youngsters are unwilling to put hard work in their training. 

Jahangir Khan enlightening the audiance about his passion for Squash 

Saba Gul,an Entrepreneur and an MIT graduate,explained that for her, freedom is to make other people's life happy. Saba took a bold decision of quitting her job and coming to Pakistan to start her own venture Popinjay. Her company produces premium handmade fashion accessories that create jobs for marginalized women as she believes that style and sustainability can co-exist. Saba initially got resistance from her family but her persistence paved the way for her success. Work of Saba Gul and all the marginalized women attached with her also featured on international platforms including  CNN, Vogue, NPR, BBC, Financial Times, Al-Jazeera, Huffington Post and others

(L-R)Adnan Bajwa,Shahzain Muneer,Jahangir Khan,Shehzad Roy at the launch of 
Sooper Hai Azadi campaign
Shahzad Roy also talked about the improvement he is bringing about in country’s education structure through his NGO Zindagi trust.

In conversation with Squash legend Jahangir Khan
In the spirit of Azadi, and following the theme of Rhythm of Freedom, Peek Freans Sooper team will travel across Pakistan to acknowledge over 20,000 individuals for their services to Pakistan by giving them Sooper Salam and presenting Sooper gift boxes from August 11 to August 14.  Sooper believes these people are unsung heroes who have spent their lives contributing to our country and together they all made Pakistan what it is today


  1. Very detailed 'brief' of the event. Good writing Khurram.

  2. Nice to know about the ceremony. Youth is in dire need of these types of events that create awareness amongst them about the journey, status, significance and the essence of freedom and sovereignty.