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Telenor’s Tweet A Meal campaign Spreading happiness in Thar

Anita Roddick author of Business as unusual and world’s most outspoken, controversial, and successful entrepreneur of her era, was so correct when she said that business should be about responsibility and it should be about public good as it is public who is the customer of any business and it is because of the public that business run themselves.

Many organizations follow this believe of Anita Roddick by giving due consideration to the society in which they are operating and indulge in various CSR activities

Ramzan is the month in which public generally increase their softer feeling towards the poor and needy people. This happens because when a person fasts and feel hungry or thirsty himself, then only he realizes the hunger of those people who do not have resources to buy food for themselves and for their families. 

Pubic indulge in food distribution and other good deeds in the month of Ramzan because in this month we feel more for the needs of others and also the reward for helping other human being in this month is higher than any other month.

Along with individuals, many other organizations also indulge in several activities to benefit the society. Like many other organizations, Telenor also gives back to the society by carrying out various activities under the umbrella of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. Telenor is a bit different from others as this company continues its CSR activities throughout the year but in Ramzan, it increases the intensity of their CSR efforts and do it in a creative way so that more people reap the benefits of their efforts.
Like previous year, this year also Ramzan was in hot and humid conditions. Last year during the month of Ramzan, scores of people die because of heat stroke and various other reason including hunger and thirst. General public and organization gauged the situation before the start of holy month of Ramzan and they launched many initiatives around the country to spread happiness among the under-privileged people of society.

Every year in the month of Ramzan, the online community share food images without any purpose for mere showoff. Telenor thoughtfully come up with the idea to take advantage of this public craze and gives this food images sharing activity a purpose by launching it Tweet A Meal campaign. In line with its current positioning, Sacha Sath, Telenor #TweetAMeal campaign to form a ‘saath’ with its customers and also with the society in which it is operating.
Volunteers helping locals in carrying Ration bags

When I initially heard of this #TweetAMeal campaign, I thought that this is a campaign to showoff meal and to increase feeling of deprivation among those who cannot afford lavish food. Little do I know  at that time that #TweetAMeal is a serious effort by a highly responsible and respectable company with a purpose to engage the online audience into a constructive activity for the benefit whole society.

Telenor every year carries out an initiative to empower the society and this year Telenor give empowerment through it #TweetAMeal campaign.

The idea of this ##TweetAMeal campaign was to engage the online community and to take advantage from an activity in which the digiatal savvy individuals indulge in without any purpose. Digital community took part in this activity with passion and this activity allowed Telenor to donate ration bags to the deprived people.

Large crowd gather to coolect ration bags which Telenor distributed as part of its 
#TweetAMeal campaign

Telenor in collaboration with Pakistan Bait- ul – Maal donated 100 ration bags in Mithi, Thar.  Each ration bag consisted of rice, flour, milk, sugar, pulses, cooking oil, spices, tea and water.

Through this campaign, Telenor in the month of Ramzan, prompted the online community to become Sacha Sath for the needy from the comfort of your home through twitter.

Bina maangay hee jo miljata hai, wohi Sacha Saath kehlata hai and Telenor strengthens this sach sath with people of Mithi by donating ration bags to the famine sticken people of the area. The smiles on the faces of people while collecting these rations bags were priceless. Behind each smile, was a feeling of gratitude for every individual and organization who took part in this campaign with a thought of giving back to the society.

Hur jagah jo nibhaya jata hai wohi Sacha Saath kehlata hai – The idea of sustainable collectivism and togetherness, parallel to the essence of Ramzan and Telenor’s philosophy  and the organization fulfilled it’s part of giving back to the society amicably with its #TweetAMeal initiative.

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