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TV One’s Seeta Bagri talks about inter-faith harmony and religious tolerance

The country, the leading television channel, TV One, has teamed up with renowned actor Adnan Siddiqui for Seeta Bagri – a drama serial based on a life of a Hindu girl.

Seeta Bagri is an attempt by TV One  to promote religious harmony and tolerance in Pakistan
Shot in actual locations, Seeta Bagri gives a sneak peak to the lives of monitories residing in the country showing the colorful festivities of Hindu culture.

Written and directed by Iqbal Hosain, the drama has an ensemble cast including Sarwat Gillani, Bushra Ansari, Qawi Khan, Jibran, Shameen Khan, Shabbir Jan and Hasan Niazi.

The sound track of Seeta Bagri has been sung by famous Bollywood singer Sukhwinder Singh and music has been composed by Sajid-Wajid. The other songs for the drama have been composed by local music band, Udan Khatola.
Encapsulating the life of a Pakistani Hindu girl, the drama shows the trails and triumphs of Seeta and how her Muslim friends stand by her side during turbulent times. As a strong advocate of women education, Seeta gives complementary teaching classes to underprivileged girls of her community.
The drama has elements of romance passion, hidden desires and revenge beautifully immersed into the story making Seeta Bagri the much anticipated drama serial of the year.

Actor turned producer Adnan Siddiqui while talking about the drama said that he considered it as a CSR responsibility to invest in a story that would send out a positive message to the viewers.

“As it’s my first production I want to take on a project which is not only different but has beautiful message embed into it. I strongly believe that one shouldn’t be different but with a class of difference and I have done the same with this drama,” he said.

While it was not easy for Adnan Siddiqui to invest his money in a project based on minorities, the enduring support of TV One makes the process smoother for him – and the actor was quick in giving the channel the due credit.

“Before coming to TV One, I approached other channels too but they all refused it saying it’s risky to air a story based on minorities. Unlike others, CEO TV One, Seema Tahir trusted me and provided complete support for this project,” he said. 

He also added that TV One never hesitates to experiment and promote quality content irrespective of any prejudice.

Seeta Bagri will go on air on TV One in the month of November.  

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