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Collectibles celebrating 20 years of its presence in Pakistan

Since 1996 Collectibles has been the preeminent retailer of watches throughout Pakistan. On the occasion of the 20 years of Collectibles, Ambassador Tehmina Janjua, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations hosted a dinner at Chateau de Penthes, Chambesy, Gevena, Switzerland, home to the world’s finest watch brands and a fitting location to pay tribute to two decades of dedicated activity.
Tehmina Junnjua, permanent representative of Pakistan to the United Nations expressing her views

Congratulating Mr Rameez Sattar and the entire Collectibles team, Ambassador Tehmina Janjua said “It is a privilege to host such a distinguished dinner and celebrate the good fortunes of Collectibles over the twenty years of its existence.  It is fitting that we are here in Geneva celebrating this in the home of so much of what Rameez and his team take back to Pakistan with passion and expertise.”

Mr Rameez Sattar, CEO of SONRAJ Pakistan,parent company of Collectibles thanked the Ambassador for her warm words saying “We have been building brands and expanding the watch business throughout Pakistan.  Our vision has always been to represent the world of luxury, train our staff to the highest levels and provide our customers with the very best in service. Twenty years on I feel that we have only just begun.   As long as Switzerland produces watches we will bring them to our customers with imagination and dedication”
Rameez Sattar, CEO of SONRAJ Pakistan

Ronak Lakhani, Chairman of the Special Olympics Pakistan who was awarded sitara -e Imtiaz by government of Pakistan for her dedication towards the betterment of the society. Speaking at the occasion, she said "despite of the injury in her leg, I would not miss the dinner for anything. I would like to tell you how Rameez/Collectibles have changed the lives of many people in Pakistan who are intellectually disabled. Collectibles has been a pillar of support for 13 years as they not only gave money but their time and encouragement to the athletes. Thank you all for supporting Rameez and supporting us.”

Yaan Bouillonnec, International Commercial Director of Vacheron Constantin said “Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watchmaking manufacture in Switzerland since 1755.  We are proud to share together 20 years with Collectibles.  Rameez, you have been at the forefront of the Swiss watch industry in Pakistan and we are proud to have you as our partner.”
Raman, Yann Bouillonnec, Juan Carlos Torres, Rameez Sattar and Arbaaz Rameez  
Mark Izatt, Marketing Specialist at Sonraj gave the audience some insights into the approach the company made reinforcing the approach to brands that the company takes “We take our responsibility to reflect the values of each of the watch brands we represent seriously. Taking their unique DNA and inviting our customers to appreciate every detail.”

Juan-Carlos Torres, Global CEO of Vacheron Constantin and Patrik Hoffman, CEO of Ulysse Nardin also joined and paid tribute on the achievements of Collectibles.

The event was perfectly put together by bringing Pakistani hospitality to city of Geneva and was attended by dignitaries and prominent people from the Swiss watch industry and Pakistan.

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