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Oye Kuch Kar Guzar a ride of fun and laughter

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar, an online movie is recently released in Pakistan bydjuice and it can be watched online on YouTube without bearing exorbitant ticket cost for each member of family.

‘Oye Kuch Kar Guzar’ aims to deliver the motivational message to the audience to overcome their limitations, follow their dreams, confidently express themselves and own up to their individuality. The movie is fast paced,made while keeping in mind the current generation who want everything done Jhat pat’ (Immediately), for which it usually opts for short cuts and end up getting nowhere. 
Rising star of Pakistan Cinema Ushna Shah 
The movie revolves around the character of Sherry, played by Ali Safina, who hates working at his father’s auto workshop and wants to pursue his dream of becoming a singer. He along with his friend Jango played by Uzair Jaswal, started their journey to Karachi via train for a music audition. There they meet Xara played by Ushna Shah and Shabnam Mushtaq Chaudhry played by Mahjaben Habib.

While Xara is a modern girl similar to the women we currently have in society, it is characters like Shabnam Mushtaq who with the passage of time become obsolete. To revive our culture, we as society need to unearth male and female versions of Shabnam Mushtaq. After a long time one sees a character who loves reading Urdu. Hoarse voice of Xara in train was fun and comparing it with fixing of Mada’s engine in Ferrari is a hilarious example.

Tahir Shah’s entry to express feelings about love was also an interesting scene to watch. The poetic verses he spoke about love are striking and catchy. The most exciting and unique part of this movie is that viewers are given certain options so that they can maintain control on what is happening in the movie. These options are fun but in reality they are just addition of few funny scenes in the movie without any concrete impact. 

Direction of movie and cinematography is brilliant, however its music is weak. Considering that the movie is revolving around a person who is passionate about singing, I think the writer should have created some more situations where songs can be incorporated. 

Ali Safina’s career as a film actor went on the back burner after his debut movie Jalebi, but in my view he has shown some incredible acting abilities in this movie and can turn out to be a successful hero, if he continues to appear in movies regularly.

Ushna Shah also showed her acting abilities in this movie. Ushna made her cinematic debut through Teri Meri Love story, few months ago but in comparison to her debutante movie, her performance was much better in Oye Kuch Guzar.

Mahjabeen Habib justified her role as Shabnam Mushtaq Chaudhry. Her accent is good and dialogue delivery is absolutely spontaneous. I hope more directors cast her in movies in future as she has the remarkable ability to become a good female comedian.

Nayyar Ejaz as Phehla the dacoit, once again impressed with his acting. Nayyar unlike traditional villains, did not scream and perform his role by giving lot of facial expressions and also by bringing subtle changes in his voice pitch, which made his character stand out amongst all.

This online movie is an hour long trail of fun and laughter, but I disagree with the derogatory way they portray the profession of auto mechanic.

Making and releasing movies online is a recent trend and I feared that if more online movies are produced, it will have an adverse impact on cinemas which are already feeling the pinch due to the ban imposed on showing Indian movie, as number of audience interested in watching Pakistani movies is already alarmingly quite low. 

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