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Thora Jee Le a bad exhibition of Pakistan’s film industry By Khurram Zia Khan

Recently released movie Thora Jee Le is a poor exhibition of Pakistan film industry. It was the first movie of Rafay Rashdi as writer and director and even though in his directorial debut his performance is satisfactory but as a writer he is absolutely awful.
Movie depicts the fruits of long term friendship but throughout all the scenes viewers witnessed confused friendship, where characters were seen brawling and backbiting among themselves.
Rafay Rashdi with Fatima Shah and Ramsha Khan
Story of the movie was moving in a circle instead of moving forward. Everyone was left perplexed and couldn’t comprehend what exactly the director has tried to convey through this story plot.

The movie is about seven debutant actors out of which six are college day friends. It will be much better if instead of showing just six all the seven are shown as college friends.

Movie was shot in Karachi and Larkana but no monument of any of these cities was shown. It would’ve been more enticing for viewers if some parts of Larkana were shown instead of confining the movie inside the walls of a palace.

Ramsha Khan was shown as a workaholic person but barring one scene her professional life was not shown in movie

Ahsan Mohsin Ikram is the only actor who in few scenes showed his wonderful acting skills but again he is portrayed as a confused husband. He was giving space to his wife to mingle up with her friends and at the same time he was doubting her character although going forward his thoughts were proved true when Rizwan Jaffar revealed his feelings of love for Rimsha years after the end of college life. Guys like Rizwan are the dream for any girl. He belongs to high class strata of society. I really don’t know what stopped him from revealing his love for one of her university colleagues and why he did not share his feelings at the right time when he could have. Also what was the point of disclosing the feelings after so many years, considering that she has gotten married and a lot of water passed under the bridge.
Although the movie is about positivity of friendship but the message it gave is that move forward in life and don’t interact too much with old friends.

Bilal Abbas shown as drug addict and he was portrayed as a weak person. The unfortunate part is that his death is unable to spark real feelings of sadness and movie concluded with the feeling that life or death of someone has no bearing on anyone and whatever the situation life moves on.

Comedy was pathetic and can be classified as totally needless and senseless. Purpose of comedy is to make people laugh not to make them feel gross. Hope the writer learns from his error and avoids presenting such low quality comedy in his future projects.
Fatima Shah Jillani spotted atthe premiere of Thora Jee Lee
Songs were devoid of lyrics. Worst part is that situations were implausibly created to include the songs. 

I am of the view that Rafay Rashdi should stick to only direction and he should take services of a professional movie writer to create story of this movie.

Pakistan’s cinema is passing through a crucial phase. Due to political situation, exhibition of Indian content is ban and survival of cinemas is totally dependent on local content. In this scenario, we need high quality content to attract viewers towards cinema,but movies like Thora Jee Le will push viewers away from cinema houses

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  1. Thanks for writing the review.
    It's time to realize that industry needs serious professionals.