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Tourists’ attractions of the 2nd most beautiful Capital in the world By Khurram Zia Khan

Islamabad has been recognized as the second most beautiful capital in the world; following right behind London and anyone who’s gotten a chance to visit this scenic city will admit that the title’s been justly awarded. Everything about Islamabad is calming, pleasing and seemingly picture perfect. Be it the weather, scenery, mountains, or even the infrastructure. The city has an element of coherence that allows all the elements of nature to flow together and contribute in creating a masterpiece. 

This particular post does not discuss the glories of Islamabad and all its wonders but rather sheds light on the complete experience and what you need to capture when you’re visiting this city.

Faisal Masjid

You’ve undoubtedly seen many pictures of the very beautiful Faisal Masjid that’s artistically shaped as a desert Bedouins tent. But don’t be fooled, no picture (including the one posted below) can remotely capture the actual grandeur of this masjid – It has a majestically captivating aura in a lusciously green environment.
Just standing in the garden below it and viewing the monumental size of the Masjid is an enthralling experience. The grand structure makes you feel so very small and the view above is mesmerizingly beautiful, to say the least - The rising Margalla Hills forming the background of the white marbled Masjid add a whole new appeal to the rising structure. 

 ‘Daman-e-Koh’ translates into the forefoot of the Mountain

It’s a small park located on the thrilling ride up the Margalla Hills. Daman-e-Koh also has a rough trekking path that leads up to the mountains and is surrounded by scattered forestry. The park itself has plenty of local stalls selling gifts and souvenirs along with great food! Enjoy your afternoon tea here alongside a spicy plate of pakoras. Say Hi to the monkeys that’ll be wandering nearby, and don’t hesitate to throw some fries their way – They’re very friendly!

The single most recommended restaurant in all of Islamabad would have to be Monal and while the food of this place may not be too exciting, the view is breathtaking! This restaurant is literally located on top of a mountain. If you sit outside and get a seat in the corner you can see all of Islamabad right below your eyes.

 If you come to Islamabad you absolutely must capture this view.  

The ride up to the restaurant will take you approximately 45 min. Try to book a table at sunset to see the sky shifts colors with seamless grace.

Pakistan Monument

The Pakistan Monument is a uniquely constructed structure with historic significance. Be sure to click a picture here as well before you leave. 

From a broad perspective, Islamabad is a relatively small city and doesn’t have a long list of attractions attributed to its name. But the single most admirable feature of Islamabad is its long drives. The city has a certain sense of calm and quiet. It’s undisturbed by chaotic city life and has somehow managed to bridge the divide between modern developments and scenic serenity, and that’s what sets it apart. The best way to view this difference in lifestyle and environment is to go on a long drive across the city and feel it firsthand. 

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