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Wafa Ka Mausam has all the ingredients to attract viewers

Television in Pakistan has a legacy of producing high quality drama that attracts viewers. For decades Pakistan television was the sole torch bearer of drama in country and in that duration they produced many memorable dramas to entertain viewers.

At the turn of century, as government changed policies, many private channels also entered the fray to increase the options for viewers who gleefully accepted all these new entrants.

TVONE is one of the private channels operating in Pakistan and with their entertaining dramas; they are making a concentrated effort to stand out in this clutter of entertainment channels.

TV ONE have recently produced some successful serials such as Main Sitara Mann Piyas, Dil-e-Majboor,Seeta Bagri and Munkir. 

Carrying forward their trend of producing intriguing serials, the channel is now coming up with another enthralling production titled ‘Wafa ka Mausam.’

Starring Aijaz Aslam, Neelum Munir, Shafqat Cheema, Haya Sehgal, Noman Habib,Bahar Begum and others, this serial has all the ingredients to attract large number of viewers around Pakistan.

Written by Riffat Siraj and skillfully directed by Babar Qayyum, Wafa Ka Mausam in a sedate manner try to touch few social issues such as child labour, women empowerment and age barriers in marriage.
Neelam Munir with Aijaz Aslam 
Wafa Ka Mausam is an intense story of love and ego. Everyone claims about their love for the loved ones but when sacrifice required to prove that love, ego stops them.This is what happened with Hammad (Shafqat Cheema) who played the role of Komal’s (Neelam Munir) father and also with Dara played by Aijaz Aslam.

When Komal, the daughter of a wealthy landlord Hammad falls in love with Dara a college teacher, her father is infuriated. He claims to love Komal but was not willing to sacrifice his ego and false family values.

Dara also loves Komal but he pulled back after Hammad insulted him on his weak family background.
Aijaz Aslam talking about his role in Wafa Ka Mausam 

In this clash of egos between Hammad and Dara, Komal is faced by a dilemma of where to go and whom to choose.

Bazil (Noman Habib) is Komal’s younger cousin who is also in love with her but is willing to give sacrifice may have solution for Komal’s problems.

Wafa Ka Mausam is shot in Punjab and also in the northern areas and it tried to highlight the problems women faced due to strict cultural and family values in rural areas of Punjab.
Neelam Munir and Aijaz Aslam watching the promo of Wafa Ka Mausam

All aspects of Wafa Ka Mausam are interesting but I think writer should be better served if she had shown Dara as a neighbor or friend of Komal and not her teacher. Relationship between teacher and student is sacred and I think we should leave it like this for the time being and not pollute it.

Neelum Munir and Aijaz Aslam are upbeat about their respective roles in Wafa Ka Mausam. They are positive that viewers will like their performance this serial and find it a lot different from the serial on air these days on other entertainment channels.

Quratul Ain sung the melodious OST of Wafa Ka Mausam which was directed Waqar Ali.

Wafa Ka Mausam will be on air every Wednesday at 8:00pm. The first episode of this serial which was aired on 22nd February was generously applauded by viewers and team involved with this drama are optimistic to get high level of viewer’s’ appreciation throughout the 25 episodes of this serial.

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