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Dastaar-e-Anna to completely spellbind viewers By: Khurram Zia Khan

First episode of TV One’s highly anticipated drama serial Dastaar-e-Anna went on air on 14th April. 
Dastaar e Anna is a captivating drama serial with an interesting story line created by Amin Sadiq and each episode will bring excitement,chills and lot of thrill for the viewers.

To unveil the details of Dastaar-e-Anna, TV One organized an activity where the cast and producer of this drama serial discussed in details the thought behind making this drama serial and also talked about the difficulties they faced while shooting at Murree in extremely cold weather.

Legends of Pakistan television industry Uzma Gillani and Abid Ali are seen together in a drama serial after a long gap of fourteen years.
    Uzma Gillani and Abid Ali appearing together in a drama serial  after a long gap of  
fourteen years. 
Uzama Gillani making her comeback to television after a long gap is playing the role of Zaibunnisa in Dastaar-e-Anna. 

Resolute to protect her pedigree, Zaibunnisa would prefer to take her granddaughter’s life instead of allowing her to marry an ordinary man having weak family background. She is in total control of her estate and its people and did not tolerate any dissection in opinion. 

Uzma Gillani is all excited about her role in Dastaar-e-Anna. The maestro while speaking about her role in this serial said that the effort and hard work she put in this serial is similar to what she did for Pannah, a famous serial of Pakistan Television aired in 1981.

Director of this serial Mohsin Talat while expressing his views about the serial said “"Our mission is to create awareness of keeping balance in relationships and eradicate the negativity prevailing in the society. At the moment our dramas are either character based or issue based but here in this drama we have tried to provide audience with a meaningful message."
Nearly all the shooting of Dastaar-e-Anna was done in Murree. Mohsin revealed that he completely renovated  a hotel in Murree to give it the look of palace. Answering a question about shooting this drama in winters, Mohsin said that tempo of this drama required certain feelings of desolation that is only available in winters. He further elaborated that in winter tress are standing alone without any leaves and by shooting tress in this weather, he wants to emphasize that after sometime people with unwavering ego are left alone in this world.
Saniya Shamshad in this serial is playing the role of Mahnoor, the granddaughter of Zaibunnisa. Mahnoor is a gentle and kind soul, is scared of her grandmother and always tries to obey her. Salman Saeed is playing the opposite lead role to Saniya Shamshad.

Ayesha Gul in this serial is playing the character of Riffat. A kind and principled women, Riffat is ruthlessly treated by her cruel mother-in-law Zaibunnisa but she showed great resolve in the face of adversity to get justice for her family.

“Challenging roles like this is the beauty of acting" quoted Aisha Gul while talking about her role in this drama serial 

Kashif Mahmood a popular face of Pakistani drama industry will be seen in a negative role in 
Dastaar e Anna. 

The tuneful OST of Dastaar e Anna is composed by Waqar Ali and sung by  Jabir Abbas. Sabir Zafar wrote the lyrics of this song.

TV One is a trendsetter in bringing social issues on the screen and Dastaar e Anna is another step in this direction.

Mark your calendars to witness some memorable performances in Dastaar e Anna every Friday at 8pm. It is expected that this drama serial will remain in memories of the viewers for a long time.

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