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Ten Civil Society Organizations to Launch the Youth Programme ‘Azme-Naujawan’

The Azme-Naujawan (AeN) consortium has taken the initiative to launch a holistic programme focused on the meaningful engagement of youth at the ‘International Youth Day’ on 12th August.

The AeN consortium is a programme that has been launched to address the disengaged state of youth in Karachi. They have come up with a platform that will provide youth with required training and mentoring to enable them to have a collective voice, a platform for discussing their issues, and designing and implementing their proposed solutions. 
Ms. Nafisa Shah, a member of the National Assembly, has been invited as a chief guest. Sidra Iqbal,a renowned journalist and activist, will host the inauguration of this prestigious event. Notable celebrities will also be present at the event to support the cause. 

“I am delighted and privileged to be a part of this event that would provide a platform for the youth’s voice to be heard, and play a huge role in helping youth realize their aspirations for their lives,” stated Iqbal. 

The AeN programme will be launched on August 12, 2017 at PC Marquee, Karachi and is bringing together over 1000 youth from all over Karachi, as well as civil societies, and key government officials to reinforce the idea that youth needs to be acknowledged as key stakeholders, as opposed to being relegated as passive recipients of decisions and policies made for them. This event marks the formal beginning of the program that would train 1100 youth from Karachi over a period of six months across six districts.
Azme Naujawan (AeN) is a programme spearheaded by a consortium of civil society organizations that came together as a consequence of realizing the potential of collaborative efforts and mutual support, aims to work with like-minded civil society partners passionate about efforts targeting youth. AeN partners realize that feelings of disenfranchisement and disengagement make youth an easy prey for extremist groups whose ideologies can drive them towards violence. AeN will mitigate this risk through the provision of a platform that will allow youth to develop a sense of belonging to society. Azme Naujawan partners include civil society organizations such as Family Educational Services Foundation, Society for International Education, SEED Ventures, Rose Education Society, Pakistan Youth Alliance, Empowerment Thru Creative Integration, Taqweem-e-Pakistan, Mehrdar Art and Film Production, Pakistan Youth Change Advocates, and Women Development Foundation Pakistan.

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