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GEO’s upcoming drama “Shayyed” will attract viewers

The makers of ‘’Dillagi” and Khuda Aur Mohabbat have gotten together to give yet another hit titled 'Shayyed' which will take over the audience by the storm. The teaser reflects on the intense romance between our leading duo Uzair Jaswal and Sadia Khan. While Sadia Khan is popularized for her stunning edgy looks, our young and dashing Umair Jaswal is expected to slay a lot of hearts looking charismatic and charming beyond measure.

While the audience falls in love with Umair Jaswal,’s character, the teaser has already given rise to an exciting sensation amidst the audience for Uzair Jaswal’s debut and also because the magnitude of the chemistry shared between the leading pair seems pretty intense.

The story seems to be beautifully painted on a canvas depicting how a boyish character Saad (Uzair Jaswal) is dispelled by his love for his cousin Umm-e-Hani. Umm-e-Hani seems to be at a crossroad choosing between a well settled older man and her child hood love. She seems to be driven away from Saad owing to him being younger and far away from giving her the security and stability every girl digs for in her man.

Will the older man Umm-e-Hani chooses give her the treatment she deserves or will she be remorseful of her decision? Will life teach Umm-e-Hani a lesson for giving precedence to her own needs over Saad’s love? Or will Saad ever succeed in proving that his childish-yet unconditional love for Umm-e-Hani can give her the security she is looking for in her man for a lifetime?

Whatever the climax of the story is we are all surely captivated by the way Saad is captured looking at his ladylove all dazed by her and the way he is screened acting around her is intensely heart-melting and cute.

Brace yourself yet another mind blowing cinematic journey which is highly likely to turn out to be one of the most passionate and heart wrenching stories launched recently.

Shayyed to go on air on Geo Entertainment from 4th November and is expected to entertain viewers.

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