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Will Parchi be able to blow the minds of cinema buffs? By: Khurram Zia Khan

Parchi starring Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan in lead role will be released worldwide this winter
Makers of Janaan are behind the creation of this movie which is expected to enthrall the cinema goers.

Hareem Farooq not only playing lead role in the movie but is also its producer. Previously she has shown her capabilities in her area of expertise in Janaan and due to that critics are expecting a good performance from her this time as well.
In her last movie, Hareem played the role of a suffering housewife in her debutant film Dobara phir Se but from the teaser of Parchi, it looks like as if she is coming out as a gangster in her upcoming one.

We normally don’t have an active female gangster in movies so may be her performance in Parchi will set a new trend and prompt other movie makers to include similar character in their future ventures also

Azfar Jafri the director of this movie has already given Sayyah and Janaan to Pakistani cinema industry and this time also a cimematics are expecting a stupiendous performance from them.
Moreover Osman Khalid Butt will be showing his choreography skills for the first time in Parchi. Aside from that Ali Rehman Khan is also appearing as a gritty gangster in this film.

Parchi is an Urdu word meaning slip. This was a spine chilling word for the business community of Karachi and also for doctors, Engineers and other professionals as few years ago, these people were regularly receiving extortion slips with the threat that if the demanded amount is not paid in the stipulated time frame, slip receiver or his family may face dire consequences.
It was so unfortunate that some political parties and other powerful people were involved in running the Parchi sending networks.

This will be the first time that some producer and director showed courage to touch base this topic of Parchi.

Although the title suggests that it will be an intense movie but Azfar Jafri said that Parchi will be a romantic comedy.

Shooting of Parchi is nearly completed and it is expected to hit cinemas worldwide this winter either in the month of December or in January.

I am anxiously waiting for Parchi’s release to see that what the makers of Paarchi have in store for and how this movie blows the minds of cinema fanatics.

Parch is a joint venture of ARY Films and IRK Films.

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  1. Lets see. But i never liked the performance of hareem on big screen. She did good work on small screen. Lets see what parchi have for us. Though Ali rehman is good