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Daraz brings BIG FRIDAY to Pakistan. By Khurram Zia Khan

Daraz acknowledges its large number of customers who have already started shopping on Black Friday 2017. Just 3 days into the sale and the event is on track to comfortably surpass last year’s record. 
Black Friday was introduced by Daraz in 2015 and propelled into Pakistan’s first billion-rupee sale in 2016. Having now established this international phenomenon as a staple of the commercial calendar for the entire country, the time has come to give the event an identity of its own in this scenario and for this purpose, Daraz decided to rename its annual mega sale to ‘Big Friday’

From today as Daraz starts the main sale, the biggest shopping extravaganza of the calendar shall from hereon be known as the BIG FRIDAY sale!

Amidst the fury that name Black Friday hut the religious sanctity of Muslims and in the backdrop that a petition is filed in Islamabad High Court against Black Friday, Daraz took timely action and rename is activity. This step of changing nomenclature will give public opportunity to shop freely on Daraz without worrying about hurting someone’s sentiments.
With this announcement, Daraz is adding new MEGA DEALS, more inventories for top sellers, and announcing exclusive launches of the iPhone X, the Mi Max 2 and OnePlus 5 in Pakistan!

Customers can now enjoy the next 48 hours of shopping craziness in the biggest sale of the year: BIG FRIDAY 2017 presented by Daraz.

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