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Tao a must visit restaurant for all food lovers By Khurram Zia Khan

Karachi is a unique city where all kinds of food is available in different price ranges and every food item have its distinctive taste be it bought from a push cart vendor or is purchased from an expensive outlet operating in posh locality of the city.
Travelling became very common these days and more and more people belonging  to this mega city are now visiting foreign countries for business and leisure and in the back drop of this increased travelling, the demand for more authentic cuisine.
Mr. Sarmad the owner of Karachi’s Tao Pan Asian Cuisine restaurant is also a frequent traveller. The observations he made during his various overseas visits and an in depth analysis of city’s culinary landscape prompt his to launch TAO, a restaurant where authentic food of various country’s specially Sushi, a favourite food of Japan is available in various varieties.
Sushi lovers of Karachi in past have very limited options but now with the opening of TAO in the metropolis, they can satisfy their taste buds in a serene atmosphere.

TAO offers a grand menu which possesses so much variety that once you entered TAO, you will surely leave the place happy and delighted with the food you ate.
Few days ago, a friend took me for dinner to TAO. He wants me to accompany him and try some exclusive items introduced by TAO recently.
We ordered Szehuan Soup and Dynamite prawns. Along with it, we also ordered Hargon dumplings which were served in a steam container and SZECHUAN Steamed WONTONS. The dumplings and wantons were neatly wrapped. The combo was amazing. all items were cooked to perfection. I was pleased by the taste and the price totally worth it! Supplementing our meal we also ordered lemonade and the blend was good enough to satisfy its name.
Lastly, we ordered chocolate cake to complete the meal and thoroughly enjoyed it
Overall experience of eating at TAO was amazing. Along with the food authenticity and deliciousness, the ambiance and environment are all nearly perfect and are prompting food lovers to visit this place again and again

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