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Cohort XIX and XX of iACT Celebrated their Achievements in the Graduation Ceremony By: Karachi Chronicle

Graduation ceremonies are proud occasions for students, their parents and their teacher as well.One such event was organized by the Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents (iACT), where they celebrated the achievements of 291 students from Cohort XIX, XX and Logistics & Supply Chain Assistant Course on December 15, 2017. 

The students who were honored at the event had their own remarkable and, in a few cases, life changing stories to tell to the attendees.Amongst other stories, the audience was particularly touched when a young former tea seller at the local market Talha Mehmood,students Certificate in Information Technology (CIT), shared his journey at the Institute with trembling voice, “When I first visited iACT, I was sure I cannot afford it as the place is huge and well-facilitated. However, all my concerns blew away as the fee was minimal and faculty was supportive. I always wanted to learn computer skills, but could not do due to the crumbling financial situation at home. It is iACT that gave me an opportunity to learn and now I am working as a data entry operator.” 

The event was attended by several dignitaries. Teaching the Japanese concept of Ikigai,  Kimihide Ando, CEO for Pakistan & SVP, Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan asked students to find the reason of their being, “You must have a goal or a dream which can get you out of bed every morning to not only make your life, but the world a better place”. 

Mr. Philippe Crevoisier, Consul General, Switzerland, who started his career after getting a vocational education appreciated students and the Institute, “After iACT, it should be You Act in the future. I congratulate you and iACT management to coach you as students and, praise for your parents as they chose iACT for you.”
Mr. Philippe Crevoisier, Consul General, Switzerland

Tying his message with the message of Allam Iqbal, Mr. Khalid Mansoor President, Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry - OICCI & CEO, HUBCO said, “ The acronym of iACT has fascinated me a lot, as it teaches you to act honestly and tirelessly. You need to be hard working as the market has become competitive. You become what you inspire to become, so dream big as you will be rewarded equal to your efforts.”

The other honorable guests included Mr. Muhammad Azfar Ahsan, Founding CEO, Nutshell Conferences; Mr. Parvez Ghias, CEO, Habib University Foundation (H.U.F.); Mr. Feroze Cowasji, CFO, Habib University Foundation (H.U.F.); Sadaffe Abid, Founder Circle Pakistan and Mr. Rafi Siddiqui, HR Procon Engineering Pvt. Limited. 

Earlier, in his welcome address, Head Projects, iACT Faheem Bukhari acknowledged the passion, determination and talents of the students, “This is your day of celebrations, but this is also the beginning of your professional life. I urge all of you to remember the importance of skills to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.”

The Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents (iACT) is a not-for-profit youth development centre that offers free of cost, innovative and futuristic career and skill-based education to underprivileged youth from marginalized areas of Karachi for better career prospects. It is a public-private partnership between the Habib University Foundation (H.U.F.) and the local government of Karachi. 

The Institute has taken up the cause of engaging and empowering young people from marginalized areas as its mission and aims to help youth from areas stricken with poverty, violence, and crime. It brings young people from areas like Lyari, Korangi, Landhi, Malir, and other parts of Karachi along with the youth of other Sindh Districts to act to enhance their abilities and strengthen their relations with the community. It has developed people who were previously car mechanics, fruit and vegetable vendors and doing odd jobs etc.

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