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Riversong Launches 2 Affordable Fitness Bands in Pakistan By: Karachi Chronicle

Lahore,:Riversong has officially announced 2 new fitness bands in Pakistan that will answer all your workout troubles.

The news came in shortly after the company officially entered the Pakistani market. The fitness bands have companion apps that sync your data with your smartphones. Both the bands provide a next level engagement and interaction with its owner. Here are the specs:

1. Wave BP — PKR 4,499

This fitness band features a 0.87” touch-enabled display, 70 mAh battery and comes in 3 vibrant colors to choose from; purple, black and blue. Wave BP serves as a complete health assistant. With its advanced blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor and custom settings for heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, it is more than just your average fitness band. It keeps track of your overall health, making it the best choice among available fitness bands in market. It also comes with an exciting set of features in addition to health/fitness related features:

Blood Pressure Monitor: You won't be needing any of those traditional BP monitors anymore. The band not only records your blood pressure but also lets you custom set a range of BP which the band monitors for you. A built-in alarm would then notify you in case your blood pressure shoots above or drops below your limits. This feature would surely create a lot of ease for hypertensive people.
Heart Rate Monitor: A heart rate monitor that keeps track of your heart activity. It also lets you custom set a range for your normal heart rate. In case your heartbeat fluctuates above or below that limit, an alarm notifies you. It's a great feature for heart patients to keep regular checks on their heart activity.
Easy USB Charging: Forget the hassle of malfunctioning charging cables because Wave BP comes with an easy USB charging. Your fitness band's charging process has been simplified as the band itself comes with USB port that can be plugged into any USB adapter without any external wire or cable.
Waterproofing: Wave BP is waterproof. So for avid swimmers who want to keep track of their movements even while swimming without the fear of water droplets messing up your device, this is the go-to fitness band.
The Great & Grand Selfie Mode: You pose for a selfie but your finger just wouldn't reach the screen or the side buttons to capture. Selfies tend to get blur that way and that's pretty annoying. With Wave BP, you can click great selfies. The special sensors in Wave BP allow you to capture selfies via any smartphone with a simple twist of your wrist. For a fitness band this is quite a unique and innovative feature.
Sleep Monitor: The Wave BP monitor records the time spent in random sleep and the time spent in deep sleep thereby monitoring overall sleep quality. This feature in Wave BP helps you monitor the adequate sleep that you need to refresh yourself.
Sedentary settings: For people who spend long hours sitting in same posture, these special settings in Wave BP notify you after customized time intervals that you should change posture or maybe get up, flex muscles or walk a bit. It's an excellent feature to boost your overall physical activity.
Smart notifications: Wave BP also comes with a smart notifications feature. Unlike most other fitness bands, Wave BP not only notifies you in case you receive a call or message but also tells you who the sender/caller is. It comes in very handy if you get a lot of important calls that you don't want to miss.
Landscape mode: Most fitness bands only have a vertical display screen showing details on just one side. Wave BP offers a landscape mode for display with its 0.87” touch display.

Wave BP is not merely a fitness band, but rather an overall Health Assistant on the go.

2. Wave Fit - PKR 3,698
Wave Fit serves as an all-day activity monitor that tracks every movement of yours. This fitness band comes with dust and water resistance, features a 0.91” display, 70 mAh battery, 4 days battery life and a classy black colored wrist band. As compared to Wave BP, Wave Fit is your everyday health monitor.

It comes with the following features:
Heart Rate Monitor
Sleep Monitor
Sedentary settings
Smart notifications
Landscape mode: Most fitness bands only have a vertical display screen showing details on just one side. Wave Fit's 0.91” display offers a landscape mode as well.
The products have acclaimed outstanding reviews on Amazon and Souq (Middle Eastern leader in e-commerce) with most of the reviews highlighting the value of money and attractive designs that Riversong’s fitness bands provide to its users.

Riversong also announced a no-questions-asked replacement policy in case of any issues with the device. Customers can go to any of the partner stores and request a replacement of their Riversong device in case of any technical flaw, within a year of initial purchase of the product.

Syed Ali Yousuf, the COO at Riversong expressed his gratitude over the warm welcome into Pakistani market and said:

“We are delighted to receive a wonderful response following our official launch in Pakistan. We, at Riversong, feel privileged to bring premium quality, innovative products for the Pakistani market and this is just the beginning. In the future, we will be bringing more technologically advanced products for our customers in Pakistan.”

Tik Tech, the official distributor for Riversong, is making these products available for the customers across the country. Riversong fitness bands are also displayed nationwide at Alfatah, Metro, and Hyperstar shopping centers.
About Riversong:
Riversong, a global award-winning premium-quality mobile accessories manufacturer, is the subsidiary of China-based IMG Group Communications Technology Ltd., an innovative high-tech enterprise working since 2001 specialized in mobile phone manufacturing, design & R&D.

Riversong is registered and operating in more than 17 Countries including US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, UAE, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, China, and now also in Pakistan. It offers an array of smart & innovative products for improving productivity in daily life. The products range include fitness bands, Bluetooth powered earphones, power banks and wi-fi adapters to give users a seamless travel, connectivity, and musical experience.

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