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. Latif Kapadia Memorial Welfare Trust (LKMWT) launched their Ramadan campaign with the aim to send a message, ‘Your Donations Will Help Us Help Them’ to the public and also informed about their achievements during a meet-up at Chotu Chai Wala, Bahadurabad, Karachi.

The campaign, ‘Your Donations will help us help them’ is launched with the core purpose of informing the public how LKMWT will use the donations to help the underprivileged people during Ramadan.
Commenting on the occasion, Ms. Naeema Kapadia – Program Director of LKMWT added, ‘We will continue to reach out to the public in spreading awareness of this campaign and also to serve the underprivileged community with the donations. Together, LKMWT and the donors aim to work for and help the public in need for better health care services which are being provided at the LKMWT clinics.”

The event was also graced by LKMWT family and supporters namely, Hasan Ahmed, Sunita Marshall Ahmed, Manahil Kapadia, Naeema Kapadia, Farhat Mehboob Kapadia, Tahira Ahmed, Jamila Khan,  Omair Alavi,  Adil Wadia, Farman Ahmed Khan, Noushaba Muraj and  Arsalan Khan.
Also speaking on the occasion Mr. Hasan Ahmed, grandson of Latif Kapadia Sahab said, “LKMWT has been serving the people to provide them with primary healthcare services for the last 10 years. With this campaign, we believe we will be able attract more supporters for this just cause so that the deserving people are able to get best possible healthcare services through LKMWT clinics. I am a part of this great cause and am confident that by becoming part of this cause, our supporters will enable us even more to take this great initiative even further”

The event was attended by a number of people along with the officials of LKMWT, which aims to raise public awareness about how they and LMWKT can help the community.

Latif Kapadia; the renowned artist and philanthropist lived by his motto: The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose. The Latif Kapadia Memorial Welfare Trust (LKMWT) was established in 2007 by a team of admirers of the renowned actor. Continuing his mission to serve humanity, his son Ahmed Kapadia founded the Latif Kapadia Memorial Welfare Trust (LKMWT), as a tribute to this great man and to his greater cause.

LKMWT, aims to address the issue of limited access to primary healthcare for much of Karachi’s population. LKMWT opened its first MediHealth Clinic in Shah Faisal Town, with clinics in Malir and Bin Qasim Town later adding to the purpose, making it more meaningful with each passing day.

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