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Nurpur highlights the importance of milk

Milk has always – for as far back as we can remember – enjoyed a staple position in the diets and therefore in the homes of almost every Pakistani family. Whether we are filling our cereal bowls at the breakfast table or giving a glass each to the children before they leave for school, baking a birthday cake for our parents or simply enjoying a cup of freshly brewed Chai at multiple points in our day, milk is what’s constant.

Think about it for a moment. When was the last time you opened your fridge to find that milk was not inside it? When was the last time you or anyone from your household went out for groceries and left milk out of the list? When these instances occur, for one reason or another, it tends to feel very odd because milk is a commodity that is expected to be there at any and all time. The bottom line is that it will always be very important to us. Inevitably, milk is a major ingredient in the recipe to continuously bring us closer together as a family.

This is exactly what is being depicted in the TV Commercial; how much of an all-rounder milk is. On one hand, this Commercial being part of a Ramadan campaign, seems to lack in making that distinct connection for viewers – other than the obvious glass of Rooh Afza. However, there is an emotional undertone; the children’s presence generates warm sentiment and perhaps plays on nostalgia for viewers to think back to their childhood and how milk has been there for them since then.

A big round of applause also goes to the directors and producers, who have collaborated to use the great shots taken and bring them forth with exquisite special effects (eg: the milk being swirled around in the tea cup, tornado-like). The whiteness of the milk really stands out, showcasing purity and essentially adds to the aesthetics of the TV Commercial, overall.

Correspondingly, the children’s involvement in the kitchen reminds viewers how vital it is to ensure safe and healthy products for our children to consume. Nurpur’s infographic at the end of the TVC assures this; their year of inception is highlighted, indicating their longevity in the dairy industry. Furthermore, their tagline states “some traditions are forever,” which implies it is committed to providing this aspect of quality and consistency to all. There are many contenders in the packaged milk industry; however, their milk coupled with longstanding tradition is a position that Nurpur is enjoying on its own.

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