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Loadwedding - True Reflection of Pakistan’s Marriage Culture By : Khurram Zia Khan

Loadwedding is an attempt by Fizza Ali Meerza and Nabeel Qureshi to highlight the grave issues that are damaging our society. Although Loadwedding is the story of Raj and Meeru but in reality it is the story every household of Pakistan where a girl is waiting for her bridegroom but lack or non-availability of dowry becomes a big hindrance in her marriage. 

This evil of dowry is so deeply engraved in our society that it is highly unlikely to get rid of it.
Load Wedding may be director’s hit to the big league, through its enticing cinematography and impeccable comedy, but there is also another aspect to it which also makes it a mature film. By highlighting the issue of Dowry, our society is plagued with, the performers have tried to make the audience realize the intensity of negative impact on masses - caused by of this demanding stigma existing in our culture.
The movie started with Raj played by Fahad Mustafa fixing lights in Meeru’s marriage played by Mehwish Hayat. This movie is a roll coaster ride which the audience will certainly enjoy. 

The first twist came in the movie was when Meeru returned back to her sister’s house as a widow. A widow in our society is considered as an unlucky person or someone who is surrounded by bad fortunes. Widows are not allowed to meet or interact with girls who are about to get married and this is what happens with Meeru, who was denied a meet up with her friend because she is a widow. The family members of Meeru’s late husband send her back but did not return the dowry. This is a major dilemma in our society where a girl as a widow or divorcee is sent back to her parents’ house, but those sending her back do not have the humility to return back the assets and other belongings, which they have taken as dowry.
Return of Meeru gives Raj’s life a new meaning. Raaj from his childhood to adulthood gives bangles to Meeru but never discloses his identity and also keeps his love hidden from her. He again and again uses bangles as an excuse to communicate with her and after consultation with his maternal uncle, eventually expresses his feelings to her.  Raj and Meeru love each other but the road to marriage is full of hindrances. The biggest hindrance is Raj’s sister Baby Baji played by Faiza Hasan. Raj cannot marry before his sister Baby Baji and non-arrangement of dowry is the obstacle in Baby Baji’s marriage. Our society is full of Rajs and baby bajis. We have a mindset that a brother even 10 years younger than a sister cannot marry before his sister. The makers of Loadwedding hit on this mindset. This is high time that families realize that marrying their son or brother may open new avenues for them and may help in finding suitable bridegroom for the daughter or sister waiting for the perfect match
 Mehwish Hayat talking to Khurram Zia about Loadwedding
 Raja’s attempts to commit suicide convinces his mother to marry him with Meeru. On the other hand this society is full of Rajs and Meerus who either die in an attempt to convince their parents or spend an unsatisfied life with someone else. After Meeru comes to Raj’s house she tries to make it a happy house through her good will gestures. She goes to a game show with him and wins a lot of items including car and jewelry which were still not enough for the dowry of baby baji. The fortunate baby baji of Loadwedding gets her dowry from a game show. However if we contemplate this situation realistically not all baby baji’s are this fortunate in our society. 

This movie is a first step in highlighting the menace of dowry. Hope more and more people think about its adverse impact and we can have a revolution in society where parents of bridegroom stop taking dowry.
 Fahad Mustafa with his young fans
In Loadwedding the frenzy of game shows is also highlighted. People are obsessed with these game shows. Everyone wants to become part of these game shows without realizing that even attending a show does not give any assurance that they’ll win any prize. 

The love story of Raj and Meeru is reminiscent to the story of Prem Rog’s Manorma and Dev babu played by Padmini Kolhapure and Rishi Kapoor respectively. 

Loadwedding brilliantly showed the problems faced by middle class families. Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat through their dialogues delivery, dances and facial expressions showed their acting talent and kept the audience involved from beginning till end. 

Shani Arshad gave the music of Loadwedding, which is soothing and melodious. Sound during dialogues and songs was maintained. It was neither high nor low. I think songs of this movie are perfect for desi marriages. Choreography is perfectly done and the cinema goers will surely enjoy the latkas and jhatkas of Mehwish Hayat and Fahad Mustafa on movie’s songs, specially in the song Mundae Lahore dey. This movie through its visuals provided cinema goers an opportunity to have a look at the rural Punjab.
Fizza and Nabeel through Loadwedding gave a message to all producers and directors that one can raise serious issues by properly using the genre of comedy.

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