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The Mystery of Sonya Hussyn’s Purple Dress By Kaachi Chronicle

Recently, at the Hum Style Awards where everyone dressed to impress, a mystery surfaced about a purple dress. Stunner Sonya Hussyn looked Uber-chic in a purple dress, flawless sun-kissed makeup, and a fishtail braid. She never leaves a moment to shine anywhere, whether it’s a casual day out or a starry night.
Multiple claims were made by different bloggers naming designers like Shehla Chatoor and Natasha Kamal as the sole owner of the beautiful dress. What’s the mystery or a controversy here you ask? The dress became a conversation starter as it was inspired by international designer Ralph Russo’s Spring 2017 Couture collection, which on evident demand was an inspirational copy.
A little bird told us that the designer does not intend to reveal or be revealed. Sonya is known for her classy style sense and strong persona. Let it be a mystery about the dress, at least we know who rocked the dress.

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