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Satrangi to highlight the complexities of relationships faced by society

Satrangi is a drama serial of APlus TV. Story of this revolves around love and hate people faced in their relationships. 

Star cast of Satrangi include Faysal Qureshi,Farhan Ali Agha, Jana Malik, Azra Aftab and the legend of Pakistan’s television industry Irfan Khosat.
Faysal Qureshi in this drama is playing the role of Jibran who is a curse on humanity and his soul purpose in life is to get control of Saman’s property. Jana Malik is playing the role of Saman. She faced the brutalities of her husband Jibran as wife and even after getting divorce from Jibran, she continue her struggle to protect herself and her daughter from the cruelty of her ex-husband.
Farhan Ali Agha is playing the role of Chamma. The utmost support offered by Chamma helped Saman to stand in front of her ex-husband. 

Another interesting character of Satrangi is Leena a character played by Madeeha Iftikhar. Leena wants a settled life with children, a husband and a permanent home. Jibran commit to provide her all these things but he is a deceiver. He kept Leena on the tenterhook but never made any fruitful effort to fulfill her demands. Leena finally understood the malicious intentions of Jibran but by that time it was too late and her life was spoiled.
Amidst all the serious issues highlighted in Satrangi, the drama also have a humorous character Bhatti sahib played by Irfan Khosat. Bhatti sahib is a retired government officer who love to roam around in the locality and try to befriend with old the women particularly the aged ones. He have two daughters but instead of caring about their marriage, he is on the lookout for his own marriage.
Veteran actress Azra Aftab is playing the role of a widow. She is the sister of Chamma and also have two sons named Nawab and Bahadur. 

The cast of Satrangi are playing their role perfectly. They have a bonding with each other and viewers are enjoying this drama.  

APlus TV in this quarter is airing fabulous dramas and viewers are completely hooked to their dramas which are full of versatility and entertainment

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