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Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa highlights the importance of tree plantation

Tree plantation is very significant for not only visual attraction but it is also very essential for a better environment and atmosphere. Tree plantation is good for the environment. Everyone knows that trees are the source of oxygen. They inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen without which the survival of living beings is not possible on earth.
Apart from inhaling carbon dioxide trees also absorb various harmful gases including sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide and also filter harmful pollutants from the atmosphere thereby providing us fresher and cleaner air to breath. The growing amount of air pollution caused by the smoke emitted by vehicles and factories can be controlled only if we plant more and more trees.

Tree plantation is one of the easiest and quickest ways to spread greenery. People around the globe have volunteered to contribute towards the environment from time to time. Many of them have set up non-profit organizations with joint efforts and are working towards making earth a better place to live.

These organizations do not only indulge in tree plantation activities and other activities to spread greenery but also engage in motivating others to work for this cause. They organize skits explaining the importance of tree plantation and propagate the same among their neighbors, friends and colleagues. With the advent of social media and internet it has become easier to spread knowledge about the importance of tree plantation and encourage people to participate in the same.

While the NGOs are doing their bit towards making the environment cleaner and green, they often fall short. The propagation of their cause must be done on wide scale in order to involve more and more people to work towards this drive. Since these are all non-profit organizations, they do not have enough funds to do so.

The government must support them whole heartedly to further their cause. After all, these organizations are working towards building a better nation. With the financial help provided by the government, these organizations can take up bigger projects and encourage other people by way of advertisements in television, newspapers as well as big roadside hoardings.

People must be sensitized about it so that they participate in large numbers. A big change in this direction is only possible if each one of us takes it as a responsibility to plant trees. Even if we do not have time to join an NGO and go with them on the drives regularly, we can make our contribution towards the cause by simply planting trees in our surrounding areas.

It is time people must recognize the importance of tree plantation and contribute towards the same. The government must take this issue seriously and work towards involving more and more people to further the cause.

As a Pakistani, it is our responsibility to make our country cleaner and greener; for this we must take an oath and plant at least one tree so that tomorrow our kids and newer generation will get benefited from these trees, their shadows, and a better environment. 

Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa one of the prominent names from the social welfare workers has taken this very seriously and strongly thinks that clean and green Pakistan is the guarantee of a prosperous and progressive future.

Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa also added that people should come forward and stay united to support Pakistan Government’s this much needed and significant step by planting trees and taking care of them in their respective ways. By planting at least one tree, you can play a very essential role for your country’s better environment. 
So, what are you waiting for, it’s time to act and become the part of Government of Pakistan’s Tree Plantation drive just like Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa did.

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