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Alkaram Studio Partnered Up with Nusrat Hidayatullah and KIA Get Fit Pakistan to Showcase Their Active Wear Collection By : Karachi Chronicle

AlKaram Studio and MAK geared up to show their Active Wear Collection at KIA Get Fit Pakistan, on Sunday at Beach Luxury Hotel.
Nusrat Hidayatullah - Get Fit Pakistan
Partnering up with Nusrat Hidayatullah, the event included the Animal Flow workout session by the renowned fitness trainer who is the founder of the largest fitness program; the 42 days challenge. Fitness trainers like Anas Shahid, Arslan Mughal, Shoaib Khan, and Zainab Bhura along with a few influencers of Pakistan were seen integrating fashion into fitness with the trendy high performance gear by AlKaram Studio.
AlKaram Studio displayed their fitness collections “AlKaram Studio Men Active Wear” and “MAK Active collection” that features leggings, sweatshirt, dry-fit shirts and much more for men, women and children, giving a luxury spin to athleisure wear.
 Team Alkaram at Get Fit Pakistan
 About MAK Active & Alkaram Studio Men Active Wear 
Being the leading brand in fashion fabrics and home textiles, AlKaram Studio has ventured into a new space with their MAK Active and AlKaram Studio Men Active Wear collection.

 Participants performing Nusrat Hidayatullah - Animal Flow Workout
The philosophy of Alkaram Studio Men Active and MAK Active is built by keeping in mind the fitness enthusiasts who focus on staying fit and fashionable, offering a range of the most stylish, trending, and high-quality products.

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