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Karachi: Pakistan’s premium platform for personalised greeting cards, Cardsville officially launches in Pakistan. Cardsville provides quality greeting cards, now available on their website.

Catering to the personalised gift market, Cardsville offers customers the option to customise pictures, text, fonts, colours, etc. on the cover as well as the inside of the card. When asked about the concept and the idea behind the concept, Taha Zindani the Proprietor and Founder of Cardsville says, “greeting cards serve as a way of expressing sentiments through the written word. Before we decide to go ahead with the idea of Cardsville for Pakistan, through research we discovered that people are looking for more and more personalised items to gift to each other. Greeting cards have have been around for years and will remain, we have just given the people a platform through which they can make someone’s day better by sending them a personalised card.”

 Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or you just want to send someone a card, its always more personal when sent physically to the receiver as opposed to an e-card. Through Cardsville you have that option now. Adding to the same, Zindani comments, “With our range of customisable designs for all occasions, you can bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones. With time we will add more personalised products to the website.”

Customers also have the option of either sending across the customised greeting cards directly to their loved ones or have them delivered to themselves. Currently, all Cardsville greeting cards will be available online on the company’s website www.cardsville.com.pk.

At Cardsville, we are all about bringing a smile on people’s faces. No occasion should be forgotten or celebrated without a personal touch and what better way than to send them a personalised greeting card with images and a special message.

We would like nothing more but to see the personalised greeting card market of Pakistan flourish and we will keep coming up with new and exciting ideas for the people of Pakistan.

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