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Faysal Quraishi Stars in Drama Serial ‘MUQADDAR’ - By Karachi Chronicle

Karachi : After his successful performance in Baba Jani, superstar Faysal Quraishi plays the lead for the new mega drama serial ‘Muqaddar’. Also starring Madiha Imam, the storyline of the drama revolves around power, ethics, and love.

Prior to the release of ‘Muaqddar’, the actor received immense appreciation for his commitment towards his work when images of his injury emerged. While on set for the drama, Quraishi was badly injured while recording a shooting scene. However, staying true to being a true professional, the artist continued recording.
For Muqaddar, Quraishi is essays the role of an influential feudal lord, Saif ur Rehman, who falls for a very young broadcast journalist, Raima played by Madiha Imam after meeting her at a radio show. Raima is an independent and ambitious girl, whereas Saif ur Rehman is a stereotypical influential man who uses his power to get what he wants.

When asked about his character, the actor comments, “Saif ur Rehman is a very complicated character. At times he looks like a hero and other times he is the villain. On the crux of it, he is not a bad man but he has certain boundaries where he doesn’t let anyone in. It’s a relatable role because we do come across people like these in our society.”

Produced by 7th Sky Productions, written by Iqbal Bano and directed by Sheherazade Sheikh, the drama cast also includes Ayesha Gul, Ali Ansari, Haroon Shahid, Shameen, Fazila Qazi, Saif-e-Hassan, Berjees Farooqui, and Shahzad Mukhtar. Muqaddar is currently airing on GEO Tv every Monday at 8pm.

Along with the drama, Faysal Quraishi is currently also hosting the famous game show ‘Khush Raho Pakistan’ and is scheduled to release multiple videos for YouTube channel. More details of each project will be disclosed at a later date.


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