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Sindh Investment Board mandated to conduct reforms across Sindh By : Karachi Chronicle

Karachi: To improve the overall working conditions in government departments and for the facilitation of consumers, a major reforms program is unveiled in Pakistan. 

As part of the reforms program, Sindh Investment Department (SID) is mandated under its Rules of Business notified on 15th Jan 2019 to conduct regulatory and procedural reforms across all government agencies in Sindh through review, advisory services and supervision. 

The Doing Business Reforms Implementation Unit (DBRIU) SID was established on 29th Nov 2019 to conduct the business of SID. The Unit has conducted exceptional regulatory and procedural review and provided international best practices and models to executive agencies to establish one-window portals across multiple indicators. 
Some of the vital achievements include strengthening and supervision of Sindh Business Registration Portal, Automation of E-Contributions at SESSI, Operationalizing One Window Portal at SBCA for all Category of Buildings, establishment of Online Sale Certificate Portal at BoR. 

The reforms undertaken in various departments on the advice and regular technical support of DBRIU experts include the following:

1. Establishing One Window for E-registration and estamps, software development completed, to be operationalized after approval of Honourable Chief Minister Sindh

2. Administrative actions on the proposal of DBRIU to operationalize ADR mechanism in Sindh.

3. Publication of correct case study data of contracting with government for Karachi. 

The DBRIU also acts as the Secretariat of Sindh Doing Business Reforms Council (SDBRC) headed by Chief Minister Sindh. The Council comprises of head of all government agencies as well as private sector. 

Since July 15, the Unit is conduct aggressive reform implementation through advisory and technical support to SBCA to operationalize its one window portal for categories other than 399 sq yards non obnoxious warehouse covered under DB case study. 

The features like e-payments, inter-agency linkages, courier services, business process re-engineering of public sale projects processes (bpmn based) and credibility assurance through qr code in construction permits in Sindh are implemented on the advice and technical assistance of DBRIU. 

Lastly, DBRIU has been tasked overall supervision of implementation of decisions made by a National coordination committee on housing & construction development (NCCHCD) headed by Prime Minister of Pakistan. Every Thursday the committee headed by Prime Minister of Pakistan reviews the progress made on operationalizing one window portal for public sale projects across all provinces.

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